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HR & IT Services

We provide HR services including recruitment, selection, and training of staff to diverse organizations. The recruitment process conducted by our experienced and competent professionals ensures the right candidates are selected. We also provide Information Technology consulting services, assisting organizations with robust IT architecture/software selection, accounting software implementations, etc.


HR Services


Hussain Al Shemsi offers HR consultancy services tailored to meet our partner's requirements.

Our services include:

  • Recruitment Process management.
  • Job analysis: to identify the type of candidate based on the skills and experience required.
  • Job and candidate profile creation (Roles and responsibilities)
  • Salary Benchmarking and designing compensation structure
  • Competency-based Interview Assessments and pre-screening
  • Designing employment contracts
  • Designing and implementation of HR Systems.
  • H.R. policies and procedures


IT Services


Advancements and innovations in technology have reaped many benefits; at the same time, there are various risks and threats associated with it. Businesses secure all vital information regarding their entity and clients on their systems, and one should never turn a blind eye to the security risks that might arise out of it. IT audit is the examination of an organization’s IT structure, operations, and software programs. IT audit ensures that the existing IT controls safeguard corporate assets and cross-checks whether the IT controls are in line with the overall business goals of the company. The proper functioning of information-related controls and processes is ensured with the help of an IT audit. Our assurance team helps you to evaluate the controls surrounding your financial reporting process in alignment with business process and IT controls.


Our Professionals will help you manage your IT environment. Successful organizations view technology as a critical part of their business strategy - a critical input to improve business performance.


Our team of experts helps to structure your IT organization processes, strengthen security, assess business risks, establish internal controls, and manage risks by:


  • Analyzing your IT function
  • Reorganizing the information system process
  • IT due diligence – helping with IT security & risk
  • Strengthening controls
  • Improve business processes.
  • Keep the workplace secure.