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Finance and Advisory

As the organization faces more and more complex challenges every day, it has become necessary to develop and maintain a systematized framework to discover every opportunity, manage potential risks, and enhance work performance for the attainment of clear-cut goals, while ultimately contributing to the betterment and value of the entity. Drawing on years of experience and a rich source of knowledge, we provide our clients with unparalleled and exemplary services that are specifically customized to meet the various needs of our clients.


We provide complete and comprehensive business solutions in the areas of corporate finance services such as business feasibility studies, financial due diligence & business valuations.


Financial Due Diligence & Business valuation


In today’s world, the very purpose of starting up and conducting a business is changing. Often businesses are started with a clear vision of attaining a higher valuation level and selling the business to relevant buyers.


Business Valuation is the process of determining the economic value of a business, taking into consideration various factors like assets, liabilities, income, management, and the location that the company holds. The necessity for business valuation arises in instances such as:


  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Buy/sell a business.
  • Selling shares in a business
  • Insurance purposes
  • Succession planning
  • Shareholder & partnership buyouts/disputes
  • Marital dissolution (divorce)


We have extensive industry experience in valuing businesses and shares. Depending on your specific need and the prevailing business environment, we adopt pertinent methodologies and a logical approach for valuation.


Feasibility Studies & Business Plans


Both start-up businesses and established organizations are always on the lookout for potential investors to support them with their growth and expansion ambitions. Whether to invest or not always remains a big decision. Our team of feasibility consultants takes all the key parameters into consideration while assessing the situation. We obtain a deep insight into macroeconomic parameters and industry movements. Based on these analyses, we prepare detailed reports on how a project can be expected to perform in the current and projected economic environment.


At Hussain Al Shemsi, our consultants support their clients to develop marketable and sustainable businesses through the development of comprehensive business plans. H.A.S also assisted existing businesses in re-evaluating business practices and obtaining funding for new projects through the development of business capital offerings and other presentations.


Our business plans will assist you in your efforts to:

  • Secure a bank loan.
  • Facilitate a merger or acquisition.
  • Raise investment capital.
  • Impress joint venture partners.