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Company Incorporation and Business Set Up

The UAE has always been a strong center for international trade and has often been recognized as a bridge between the East and the West.3

IT Services

Advancements and innovations in technology have reaped many benefits; at the same time, there are various risks and threats associated with it.3

HR Services

Hussain Al Shemsi offers HR consultancy services tailored to meet our partner's requirements.3

HR & IT Services

We provide HR services including recruitment, selection, and training of staff to diverse organizations.3

Feasibility Studies & Business Plans

We obtain a deep insight into macroeconomic parameters and industry movements. Based on these analyses, we prepare detailed reports on how a project can be expected to perform in the current and projected economic environment.3

Financial Due Diligence & Business valuation

In today’s world, the very purpose of starting up and conducting a business is changing. Often businesses are started with a clear vision of attaining a higher valuation level and selling the business to relevant buyers.3

Finance and Advisory

We provide complete and comprehensive business solutions in the areas of corporate finance services such as business feasibility studies, financial due diligence & business valuations.3

Arbitration Services

Transactions between businesses and individuals often become disagreements of varying scales. Binding arbitration is a reasonable way for individuals to resolve these types of disagreements, without spending time and money in court.3

Accounting Expert Services

We can assist in all facets of litigation and dispute resolution support by providing Accounting Expert Consultancy Reports.3

Arbitration & Legal

There may be occasions when you face an issue of a financial or legal nature and require an independent expert to give an opinion on a financial dispute.3

IFRS Implementation Support

Implementing IFRS has an impact on all aspects of an entity, including financial reporting systems, internal controls, taxes, treasury, management compensation, and cash management.3

Payroll Management

Hussain Al Shemsi offers different payroll solutions to clients considering the client's requirements3