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Small and Medium Companies that are growing often need a financial advisor but cannot afford a full-time chief financial officer (CFO).

Hussian Al Shemsi has the perfect solution for you. We offer outsourced or part-time CFO services to SMEs in the UAE and can act as strategic partners to manage your financial aspects. We can handle everything from complex financial transactions to mundane matters like keeping track of active accounts with our outsourced CFO service. Your business's finances will be reviewed in order to make it stronger and more resilient.

Our virtual or part-time CFO services are available throughout the country at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CFO. Whether you choose a flat rate or an hourly rate, you will only be charged a fair rate. As a flexible engagement model, we allow the client to decide what services they need. In order to keep costs low and provide satisfactory results, you can increase or decrease the number of hours needed as you go.

Outsourced CFO Services in Dubai

CFO services play a vital and strategic role in any business. The vibrant and stimulating business environment in the Emirates underscores the need for expert CFO services, but most entrepreneurs often try to do it on their own because they believe they cannot afford the cost of full-time CFO services in Dubai.

Hussian Al Shemsi recognizes this challenge to its businesses. Instead of having an in-house CFO, take the opportunity to engage the CFO services of an established accounting firm such as Hussian Al Shemsi to benefit from more profitable and skilled CFO services at your fingertips.


Role of a CFO

When you outsource our CFO services in UAE, you can expect to have these features available:

The outsourced CFO can administer the financial functions of the company. This includes establishing proper accounting and bookkeeping practices, setting up metrics to monitor company performance, financial strategy development, and setting up control systems.

Virtual CFOs can be a valuable component of the planning team. An insight into the financial implications of proposed actions adds to successful planning.

A virtual CFO can implement strategies for managing taxes and regulatory compliance.

Outsourcing CFOs will give your company access to a team of risk management professionals with proposals intended to mitigate your risk profile. These professionals can monitor legal issues to keep company compliance up to date.

Basic accounting functions can be monitored by your virtual CFO. The CFO team can monitor and forecast cash balances and even arrange for equity and debt financing.

With experience and established relationships with local banking institutions, an outsourced CFO can represent the company’s interests with banks and investors.

An outsourced CFO can manage statutory requirements such as annual audits and financial reports to assure compliance.

When do you need CFO Services?

Businesses are distracted from income-generating activities by financial and administrative matters.

Investors require greater professionalism in managing the financial aspects of the business.

The business is ready to expand. You don’t have the in-house expertise to prepare and present your case to potential investors.

The company is experiencing exceptionally difficult times, requiring assistance in evaluating strategic options and discussing financing options with new or existing partners.

Financial systems, processes, and controls are insufficient, or the company cannot manage tax planning.

They require better and faster financial information for decision-making, reporting to investors, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

They don’t feel confident enough about the future of their corporate finances.

When they’re making new products, generating new offerings, planning to attract a different market, or partnering with a different company.

But very few businesses realize this and only resort to financial discipline and structured management as a Disaster.

The recovery Plan is mainly due to worry about costs.

Unfortunately, the actions are becoming less effective, more expensive, and more often too late to refurbish/ recover and are leading to the shutdown.

This is happening even if the market for the product or service is still good.

CFO Services for Small Businesses in UAE

Small organizations (and especially start-ups) also need good financial management. These companies rarely have the resources to hire a fully qualified financial officer, although proper financial management is required. Often the main owner takes on the roles of CFO, CEO, and many other roles. Too often, the owner / CEO reaches a point where financial management takes too much time away from basic business activities. Growing a business requires constant effort to find new customers, maintain existing relationships and customers, hire staff, and much more. Recent business practice is to use the services of a CFO on a part-time basis.

Many financial services organizations have embraced the idea of outsourcing to the CFO and now provide those services to their clients. For the client company, the benefits of virtual CFO services are substantial. Freeing senior management from financial functions is just one of the benefits. A qualified financial officer or a team of experienced financial professionals can ensure that the company meets all legal requirements for record-keeping and reporting.

This is especially important for start-ups where the main focus is on business growth. Financial regulations are sometimes overlooked in the flurry of start-up activity

Hussian Al Shemsi has extensive knowledge of CFO services and ensures fast-growing business with start-ups and multinationals. We provide one of the best Outsourced CFO services in UAE with years of experience and reliability!

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